A new logo for Mount St. Mary Hospital

Over the past year, staff, our Board, the Sisters of St. Ann, and the Marie Esther Society members have worked together to update Mount St. Mary Hospital’s brand. We are grateful for everyone’s involvement and to Heather Kohler who volunteered her time to design a fantastic new logo for Mount St. Mary Hospital which has been enthusiastically approved by residents, families, and our staff.

A modernization of our current logo, Mount St. Mary Hospital’s new logo is based on a circle. 

In many cultures, a circle is associated with inclusion, wholeness, and nurturing. With no beginning or end, the circle represents MSMH’s commitment to the frail, elderly and vulnerable. The four quarters within the circle symbolize the seasons of life—birth, childhood, adulthood, and death.  

The rectangle behind the four quarters reveals the strength of MSMH’s foundation. It is a building block which supports the balance of body and health with spirit and hope for those we care with compassion. When the quarters inside the circle and rectangle are viewed together, a cross is formed. The cross recognizes our Catholic roots and our founders, the Sisters of St. Ann. The cross is also a symbol of love and invites the observer to embrace its sacredness and healing power.  

The bright blue is a “Mary Blue” in honour of our namesake. The other blues reflect the peace and serenity inherent in the waters of the Salish Sea, steps from our Home. The modern font highlights our competence and MSMH’s commitment to excellence and innovation. It is a strong font that also communicates the value MSMH places on fairness, justice, responsibility and accountability to our residents, their families, our staff, and our community.

You raised $15,000…


Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for support at the end of 2017!

There were more than 60 individuals who gave because they care about Mount St. Mary Hospital residents. Together they raised over $15,000 to fund urgently-needed equipment, therapeutic programs, and room renovations.

As you can see, you, our donors, are championing excellent health care for seniors and those with disabilities. The impact on the lives of families in Victoria is incredible.

Imagine how many ups and downs our residents and their families must face. Aging, frailty, cognitive decline, medical conditions and diseases all take their toll and bring unexpected challenges. But there are lights of hope amongst everything they face and you, our donors, are one of those bright lights.

I wish you could meet our resident Dave and his wife Rose. Their joy and gratitude for your kindness and generosity is evident. They know that thanks to compassionate people like you, Dave has a home that supports his independence, guarantees his dignity, and enhances his quality of life.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean all of the needs of Victoria’s frail and elderly have been met. There are still other pieces of equipment that are urgently needed, life-affirming programs to run, and rooms to renovate.

If you did not make a gift at the end of 2017, will you consider joining us as a donor today?

You can:

  • make your gift online at www.mountstmary.ca (click on the red donate now button in the top right corner)
  • call 250-480-3138 to put a gift on your credit card over the phone
  • mail your cheque to Mount St. Mary Hospital

If you have any questions or would like more information about other ways to give, including monthly donations, payroll deductions, gift of shares, or leaving a gift to Mount St. Mary Hospital in your Will, please contact me at 250-480-3138 or jbowers@mountstmary.ca or stop by the office to your left of the main entrance.

Thank you,

Jane Bowers, BCom, CFRE
Director of Fund Development