The health and wellbeing of the individuals who live and
work at Mount St. Mary Hospital are our priority.

As of April 21, 2021, Island Health has declared a Covid-19 outbreak in two of our Houses.

Residents living in these Houses are isolating and will not be able to participate in social visits although essential visits will continue. Social visits for the residents living in the other 14 Houses will continue although may be impacted due to capacity and staffing challenges. 

Please see the Latest News below for more information.

We know how important it is to stay in touch and our Activity Aides continue
to facilitate Facetime and Skype visits and you can also send
emails and pictures to

Sheryl for St. Francis and St. Joseph: Unit2_ipad  AT mountstmary DOT ca

Kristina for Fairfield, Humboldt and Douglas: Unit3_ipad AT mountstmary DOT ca

Claire for Arbutus, Garry Oak, and Dogwood: Unit4_ipad AT mountstmary DOT ca

Stacy for Hope and Grace: Unit5_ipad AT mountstmary DOT ca

Recreation Dept for Wisdom, Harmony, and Cedar: IpadA AT mountstmary DOT ca

Helen for St. Martha, St. Joseph, and Burdett: IpadB AT mountstmary DOT ca

and we will make sure your loved ones receive them.

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Latest News

  Dear Residents, Families, and Visitors, The COVID – 19 outbreak is declared over by our Medical Health Officer and
Dear Residents, Families, and Visitors, In our endeavour to provide a timely and responsive social visit program, we are pleased
There are no known cases of Covid-19 at Mount St. Mary Hospital Good afternoon: Please accept this update on the