Admissions to Residential Care: How the System Works

Making the decision for yourself or a loved one to move into a residential care facility is not only emotional but can be confusing as well.

Thank you for considering Mount St. Mary Hospital as your facility of choice.

Mount St. Mary is designed with 16 individual houses with 12 or 13 residents living in each house. We respect the privacy and dignity of all residents and therefore we do not provide tours of our residents’ home. Please see our photo gallery for pictures of the facility.

If you or a loved one requires complex care services please contact the Island Health Home and Community Care Program.       .

If you are in the hospital, contact the Liaison Case Manager who is covering your unit.

If you are at home, contact your Community Case Manager or the General Enquiries line.

Once Home and Community Care has determined that you are eligible for residential care a “first appropriate bed” policy is in place. This means that you are required to accept the first appropriate bed that becomes available within your local health services area. Clients may still request for their choice of facility, but must accept the first appropriate bed while they wait for their chosen facility to become available. For more information please click here.

The cost of residential care is determined by the Island Health based on the BC Ministry of Health guidelines.

To help individuals prepare for the transition to Residential Care, please read the Island Health Residential Care Guide (pdf).

If you have a specific questions regarding admission to Mount St. Mary please call the Social Worker at 250-480-3107.