COVID-19 & Visitors to Mount St. Mary

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Effective March 17, 2020

Mount St. Mary Hospital is now closed to all visitors including paid companions.

Restricting visitors will minimize the risk of the introduction of COVID-19 into our facility and allow staff to focus on caring for residents, rather than monitoring and screening visitors.

There may be some exceptions in the case for residents who are dying or critically ill. These visitors must be approved in advance by CEO Sara John Fowler and they will be screened each time they enter the building.

There is a recognition that, at this time, stricter limitations on visitors has the potential to increase anxiety for residents and families, as well as put additional pressure on health care workers where families provide invaluable support with activities of daily living and non-clinical care to support their loved ones – however, in an effort to control transmission, it is essential.

Thank you for helping to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy.