Ethics at Mount St. Mary

“Ethics is a way of life that leads us to examine who we ought
to be and what we ought  to do in light of who we say we are.”
~ Catholic Health Alliance of Canada

Choices dominate our life. Reflecting the legacy of the Sisters of St. Ann, our identity as Mount St. Mary Hospital is defined through its Mission, Vision & Values.  Mount St. Mary is committed to following the Health Ethics Guide, Catholic Health Alliance of Canada - September 2012.

These form the criteria for ethical decisions.

We believe that:

  • First consideration should be given to the needs of the residents.
  • Holistic quality care for each resident is best provided through a Care Team the supports the resident.
  • Employees, family, friends and the wider community are of paramount importance to the quality of life for our residents.
  • Pastoral & Spiritual Services for residents of all faiths is essential.

We are committed to ethical decision-making which includes clinical and operational planning, and implementation of changes to promote quality care.  Our Ethics Committee guides the implementation of best practices regarding ethical decision-making while supporting staff and volunteers in promoting ethical practice daily.  The diverse committee membership includes staff, community members, a physician and an ethicist.

A member of the Hospital Ethics Committee, LPN Yumiko Ueno reflects as follows, “We are involved in ethical decision-making each day in small ways and it is important to consider the impact of different choices for all parties.  The first step is to pay attention in the moment and to ask questions.  Sometimes a question can open a door, bringing you to a place of being able to step back and consider other choices”.

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