Home Life Model of Care

At Mount St. Mary Hospital, we embrace a Home Life Model of Care in striving to alleviate loneliness, helplessness and boredom by offering a variety of living spaces, and engaging residents, to the greatest extent possible, in meaningful activities of daily living.  Staff and volunteers endeavor to create opportunities for spontaneity, allowing residents to engage in activities that involve a degree of risk taking that is commensurate with the benefits gleaned, and reflects the interests and abilities of each resident.  Living areas are enhanced by the integration of garden spaces, visitor accommodation, and the opportunity for children and household pets to be present.

The facility encompasses 16 houses on four levels.  Small groupings of residents (12 to 13) with similar care needs share a house with a living room , dining room , sunroom , kitchen , and laundry room.  Most resident rooms are single rooms with an ensuite that includes a shower.  There are four houses on each floor, and each floor contains a shared bathing spa.  Located on the Main Floor is the Village Square which is comprised of the Chapel with Meditation Garden, Library, Hair Salon, Gift Shop, Cafe, and Community Bathing Spa.  This space promotes a sense of shared community among residents, families, staff and volunteers. Household leisure activities in small groups is supported in the residents' houses, while the Village Square space allows for larger group entertainment.

Care is planned and provided by an Interdiciplinary Team to meet the physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and emotional needs of residents in close cooperation with their families, friends, community therapists, and volunteers.  The resident is always central in planning care, and staff acknowledge opportunities to learn from residents' life experiences in the care relationship.