Through a dedicated and expert appointed Board of Directors and our experienced Senior Leadership Team, Mount St. Mary Hospital works to ensure that we fulfil our commitment to the community we serve and the individuals we provide services to.

Mount St. Mary Hospital is owned and operated by the Marie Esther Society, a non-profit corporation established under civil law and the British Columbia Society Act.

Mount St. Mary Hospital is a Catholic health care facility and is Sponsored by the Apostolates of the Sisters of St. Ann.

  • The Diocesan Public Juridic Person (the Sponsor) is established for Diocesan purposes under canon law.
  • The Members of the Public Juridic Person (PJP) are appointed by the Bishop of Victoria upon the recommendation of a Selection Committee comprised of the Bishop, a nominee of the Board of Directors and a nominee of the PJP.
  • The PJP Members appoint themselves as the Members of the Marie Esther Society.
  • The Marie Esther Society Members appoint the Board of Directors.

The role of the Marie Esther Society Members is to uphold the Mission of the Hospital in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws.

The Marie Esther Society Members and the Sisters of St. Ann Apostolates are: Elaine Berthelet, Gary Mitchell, John Mochrie and Darlene Southwell.

Our Board meets monthly and is comprised of two standing committees: the Finance Committee; and the Governance Committee.

The Committees’ responsibilities are to provide expert advice and recommendations to the Board as a whole for information, discussion and decision-making.

The Board exercises its governance role by assuming the management, administration and operation of the affairs of the Society including fiduciary oversight, strategic planning and generative discussions.

The Senior Leadership Team ensures that the operation of the Hospital upholds the Mission, Vision & Values, and delivers programs and services ensuring: stewardship of resources; innovation in programming; and implementation of exemplary best practices.