Mount St. Mary Hospital COVID-19 Update

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Dear Residents, Family Members and Visitors,

As you are aware, COVID-19 continues to be present in our community and across the globe. Mount St. Mary Hospital has experienced waves of infections in the residents over the past year. Currently, we are experiencing another wave of the Novel coronavirus. We are, however, on the right side of this wave with fewer residents on isolation precautions and fewer having COVID-19 symptoms.

We will be conducting our COVID-19 booster clinic for the residents soon and will advise you do the dates once they are confirmed. We thank you for providing consent for yourself or your loved one. We encourage our families and visitors to have their booster vaccination as well, in keeping with advice from the BC Centre for Disease Control, and the Provincial Health Officer’s Office.

Our Visitation Program is funded and will continue until March 31st, 2023, per the Ministry of Health. While we are diligent in greeting and screening, we encourage visitors to stay home if they have any flu or cold symptoms. As well, during this time of several of our residents testing positive for COVID-19, it is advised that visitors minimize their visits for the next two weeks please. That is shorter visits with fewer visitors.

To further protect the residents, visitors are also encouraged to receive immunization against influenza, which is really available at medical clinics, pharmacies and public health units.

With kind regards,