Pastoral Care


The provision of Pastoral Care to residents living at Mount St. Mary is an organizational priority and includes core programs and services.  We believe that Pastoral Care is integral to an individual’s wellbeing and is imperative in the provision of holistic care which nurtures mind, body and spirit.

Pastoral Care programs and services are overseen by the Coordinator of Pastoral Care & Volunteer Services, and are delivered by the Coordinator, the Pastoral Care Assistant, volunteer clergy from several denominations and volunteers trained in the delivery of Pastoral Care.  Connections with individual residents’ community faith groups and clergy are facilitated.  The staff and volunteers in these programs visit residents individually with the goal of helping people flourish spiritually.  Personal spiritual practices are encouraged, as well as, connection in community, working through grief, loss and transitions, embracing and encouraging purpose and meaning, and inspiring hope.

Chapel Services

A centrepiece for Mount St. Mary is the Marie Esther Blondin Chapel utilized daily as a gathering place for residents and as a personal prayer and worship space.  Chapel services include a variety of denominational services, hymn-sing and special celebrations.

Chapel Calendar

For more information, please contact:

Anne McCaffrey, Coordinator Pastoral Care & Volunteer Services
Phone: 250 480 3118; e-mail: