If a resident or family wish to employ the services of a practitioner from the community i.e. Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, they must contact the Director of Resident Care who will provide direction regarding the process to be followed prior to services being initiated.


Contracted Foot Care Nursing services are available. There is a user fee for services provided by the Foot Care Nurse. Consent must be given by the resident or family prior to this service being provided.


Contracted Podiatry (foot doctor) services are available. There is a user fee for services provided the Podiatrist. Consent must be given by the resident or family prior to this service being provided.


This program is designed for individuals who cannot safely use the bathing facilities in their home. For more information, please call 250-480-3100 ext. 3214 or email


Accredited Music Therapists (MTAs) from the Victoria Conservatory of Music provide individual and group music therapy programs.  Using music that is meaningful and familiar, music therapists provide sessions to meet the emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of residents. Music therapy:

  • promotes relaxation
  • breaks through barriers to communication
  • builds community and sense of belonging
  • supports residents in their spirituality
  • increases functioning: physically, cognitively, socially and musically

Group programs involve singing, song writing, reminiscence, instrument playing, and relaxation to music experiences.   Individual music therapy sessions are provided to residents who are in need of one on one or palliative care. Therapists use adaptive technology, such a SoundBeam to enable residents with physical challenges to express themselves through music.


Occupational Therapists (OT) and Resident Activity Aides assess each resident to determine their leisure interests and potential to participate in on-site and community programs. A calendar of activities and events is posted monthly in each House. Mount St. Mary has an adapted bus for resident outings, special events and community programs.

The OTs provide assessment of physical, mental and functional abilities of residents. They also provide consultation for individual specialized needs in the areas of wheelchair seating, mobility and activities of daily living.


The Social Worker is responsible for the coordination of admissions, discharges and transfers and works closely with individuals and their families who have been designated by the health authority as eligible for complex care services provided at Mount St. Mary Hospital.


A Dental Hygienist is at Mount St. Mary regularly and assesses the dental health of all new residents. The Hygienist makes recommendations to the resident or family regarding dental work and after receiving consent, referrals are then made to the Dentist who visits regularly. A Dentist will assess new residents who have not been seen by a Dentist in the past 12 months.


Mount St. Mary provides exemplary Palliative Care.  Staff and volunteers are trained and provide compassionate care to comfort residents who are dying.


Food and Nutrition Services is committed to providing nutritious and appetizing meals that are prepared on-site. Our menu is based on a 4-week cycle that promotes seasonal variety, as well as, meals for special occasions.  The Clinical Dietitian provides an initial assessment and nutritional care plan for each resident and on-going follow-up to promote nutrition. Cultural and general food preferences are obtained and included in meal planning.